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E6 Slide Film Processing & Printing

We have been processing E6 films for both professional and amateur photographers for over 30 years. We use Dip & Dunk type processors which means the only thing your films touch are the processing chemicals thereby eliminating the risk of roller marks. Our process is monitored using Fuji control strips and Oasis Quality control software to ensure consistant quality results. Despite the decline in film usage we are still commited to maintaining a quality E/6 slide film processing service for enthusiast photographers.

Print sizes up to 15"x10" are available in gloss or matt finish. Print sizes 12"x12" and over are only available in satin finish.

Downloadable processing order forms:

Film Processing Order Form

If you post your films to us please be sure to include email, return address details and a contact telephone number. We will phone to take payment for your order prior to despatch.

A flat fee of £2.95 wil be charged for 1st class postal delivery for all orders except canvas prints.

10% discount for 5 or more rolls of film.

For location, opening times and parking facilities please see our contact page by clicking below.

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E6 Slide film Process only / Process & Mount

Service Price 6"x4" 7"x5"
Develop only (5x4 sheet film) 7.00 - -
Develop only (35mm & 120) 9.99 - -
Develop & Mount 35mm 24 exp 11.75 - -
Develop & Mount 35mm 36exp 11.75 - -
Develop, Print & Mount 24exp - 19.99 24.99
Develop, Print & Mount 36exp - 24.99 29.99
Push Pull Surcharge 5.99 - -
Transfer to CD (at time of processing) 5.99 - -

Prints from slides 35mm & unmounted 120 roll films

Size-inches 4"x4" 4"x5/6" 5"x5/7"
6"x6" 6"x8/9" 8"x8/10"
Each 1.99 1.99 3.99 4.49 4.99 7.99
Size-inches 12"x8"/A4 10"x10/12" 15"x10"
12"x16"/A3 18"x12"
Each 7.99 8.99 9.99
12.99 14.99 15.99
Size-inches 16"x16" 20"x16" 20"x20" 24"x16"/A2 24"x24" 20"x30"
Each 17.99 19.99 22.99 22.99 24.99 24.99
Size-inches 24"x36"/A1 36"x48"/A0 44"x72"
Each 29.99 37.99 45.99