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APS Processing & Printing

We have been processing & printing negative film for profesional and amateur photographers since 1970 and have gained a reputation for our quality. Despite the decline in film use we still have a loyal customer base who use many types and sizes of film. Volume throughput is vital to maintain quality output. APS print packages and reprints are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper using Fuji Frontier printers. To ensure optimum quality all images are previewed and corrected, where necessary, on screen prior to printing. We also stock and can supply APS film, please call for details.

Prints sizes up to 8"x14" from APS films are available borderless in gloss finish only. Larger print sizes are available in satin finish only.

Downloadable processing order forms:

Film Processing Order Form

If you post your films to us please be sure to include email, return address details and a contact telephone number. We will phone to take payment for your order prior to despatch.

A flat fee of £2.95 wil be charged for 1st class postal delivery for all orders except canvas prints.

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APS Develop & Print Packages

Service Exposures Price
Develop & Print 4" wide prints
All formats printed full frame 7"x4"
1 - 25 8.49
26 - 40 9.49
Extra sets (4" wide prints) 1 - 25 5.49
26 - 40 6.49
Develop & Print 5" wide prints
All formats printed full frame 5"x9"
1 - 25 12.99
26 - 40 14.99
Extra sets (5"x9") 1 - 25 7.99
26 - 40 9.99
Plus CD 1 - 40 2.75

APS Reprints & Enlargements

Format/Print size 6"x4" 5"x7½" 8"x12" 12"x18" 20"x30"
Classic format 0.80 2.80 6.25 15.25 17.99
Format/Print size 7"x4" 5"x9" 8"x14" 12"x21" 17"x30"
HDTV format 0.85 3.30 8.25 15.25 15.99
Format/Print size 10"x4" 5"x12" 8"x20" 12"x30" 14"x36"
Panoramic 1.05 5.99 12.49 18.99 19.99